At Inevox we are tax specialists, we have a diverse team with over 40 years combined experience in the field. By constantly evolving and having a great broad knowledge of all industries, we provide a service that is absolutely unmatched through South Australia and at the lowest possible price. We set ourselves apart by combining modern systems and processes with customer service excellence, this always gets the best tax outcomes for our clients


What we specialise in

  • Individuals
  • Sole Traders
  • Partnerships
  • Companies
  • All Trusts
  • Superannuation

Customer Service =
Better Tax Outcome

When it comes to lodging a tax return for yourself or your business there is one underlying factor that ultimately makes the difference between how much tax you pay. It’s how well your accounting knows you and your business. At Inevox we will leave no stone unturned and do our best to find every single way to maximize your tax position. Most accountants just stroll through a tax return and make assumptions, our promise is that we will explore every single avenue and go above and beyond what is required.


How we are changing the game

We know your busy, as your tax agent it is our right to be as available to you as possible. We are happy to meet with clients after hours because we know it can be difficult to get out of work. We have even developed a system that enables us to do your tax without even seeing you. Just email us your documentation and we will schedule a phone call. We will vigorously ensure we shake every apple off the tree when speaking to you, our set of specialist questions is comprehensive and will only require 10 minutes of your time!

Get your tax back quicker!

If your accountant has provided you with the most efficient service, you will get your return back with 2-5 weeks. If you have ever waited longer than this, in most cases it means your accountant has just not got to it. At Inevox we are Proactive and will lodge your return at the earliest possible stage. Don’t let your accountant take advantage of you during tax time, our promise to you is that we will get your tax back quicker than anyone else.

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Industry Leaders for refund turnaround time

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Honest, Trustworthy and dedicated to our clients

The Inevox difference is how dedicated we are to our clients; each client has a different situation and it is our right to get the best possible tax outcome, everytime

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At Inevox we want to always ensure quality over quantity when it comes to our clients. No matter what time of the year that it is, leave your contact details with us. Come June, We will call you and schedule an appointment for tax time. This takes all of the hassle out of the equation and ensures you get your tax benefits at the earliest possible time.

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We are trying to redefine what it means to be an accountant. You trust us with your Finances and we believe it is our obligation to go above and beyond what anyone else will do.



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