There is no better feeling than owning a home, it is a much more cost effective solution than renting and can also act as an investment for the future. In order to purchase a house, a deposit and a mortgage are needed in most cases. It is essential to ensure you find the perfect mortgage for your situation. There are many different varieties of mortgages and terms that you can implement for your loan. It always benefits to get the help of a specialist to enable you to make the most educated decision.

Different Varieties of Loans

Honeymoon Loan – A type of loan in which you are generally offered a lower initial rate, the rate will then increase at a later time period. It is important to understand the terms as the introductory rate may only be a year and the mortgage terms could be 20-30 years in total.

Construction Loan – When building a new home, you don’t need the entire amount of the loan all at once. If you did this, you would be making interest repayments on the entire amount right from the start and not just on the amount needed at the time.

Professional Package – Loans generally more than $250,000, also a good option if you want to make changes, have a credit card or want to add some fixed rate options.

Low-Doc Loans – These loans are for those who are unable to provide financial statements to satisfy criteria for other loan types. They are best utilised for those who want a flexible solution and have existing income and assets but do not have the required financials at the time of application


Kick Complacency to the curb!

Receiving finance can be one of the most important events of your life. It can enable you to buy that dream house, purchase your favourite car or even give you the support to start a business. At Inevox Loans our aim is to find you the perfect home loan for your situation, it’s not enough just having Australia’s best rates and lenders. You need to be fully confident with your choice; we work with you and provide an unmatched level of service so that you can have every angle covered.


Confidence and customer dedication

Taking out a loan is a long-term commitment, Finding the right team is just as import as finding the right loan. We are utterly devoted to our clients and pride ourselves on being constantly available and ready to go that extra mile. Our service exists for the duration of your loan, we will always check in to see how everything is going and notify you the moment an opportunity exists to better your terms. Inevox is so much more than helping you find the perfect home loan.


Know your loan, really!

We will present you with the very best options for your home loan, we will also ensure you understand each possible path before locking one in that suits your situation best. There are no hidden costs or terms, we will be completely and utterly honest and upfront with everything thing about your loan. You will know the contents and details of the loan like they were downloaded into your system! We will also look at the timeline of the loan and even plan strategies that may prove advantageous to your situation for the short and long-term future.

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Why we have the best home loan rates

We pride ourselves on having Australia’s best rates. We have access more than 30 Banks and lenders who have given us their most competitive rate. You will not find a better rate anywhere else. Find out why more and more people are coming to mortgage brokers every year, in short, you will always get a better deal.

Think of us like the hotels combined of taking out a loan, we have better rates than going direct, the banks give us their best rates to be as competitive as possible with one another. We play them against each other and the client always benefits.

Banks and big lenders aren’t equipped to negotiate, you need a team that know the market inside out, that has the leverage to go to war for you. This is one of the biggest financial decisions of your life; doesn’t it make sense to pull out all the stops to get the best deal?


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We are trying to redefine what it means to be an accountant. You trust us with your Finances and we believe it is our obligation to go above and beyond what anyone else will do.



At Inevox Loans our aim to is to find you the perfect loan for your situation, it’s not enough just having Australia’s best rates and lenders. You need to be fully confident with your choice.



At Inevox we lead the market on Accounting and Business technology that can do miracles for your business.

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