The First Home Owner Grant or FHOG (New Homes) scheme was established to help eligible first homeowners to purchase a new home or to build their home. Buyers must be aware that they are still entitled to pay Stamp duty, Land Tax and Emergency Services Levy. RevenueSA administers the first homeowner grant along with a number of other grants and concessions for new homebuyers. You may be eligible for: the Off-the-plan Stamp Duty Concession.


South Australian Benefits

Buyers are eligible for $7,000 up to a maximum property value of $575,000. A bonus grant of up to $8,000 is available to buyers who enter into a contract to purchase or build a new home.

How we can help

Inevox has the knowledge and experience to make purchasing your first home as simple and straightforward as possible. We understand that it can be daunting to purchase your first home and we pride ourselves on our easy to understand and devoted service. We will make sure you don’t miss a beat and that you are 100% confident in your mortgage.


How much can I get?

Varying amounts of FHOG are available, depending on the time the contract was entered into, or in the case of owner builders when construction commenced. The First Home Buyers Grants Table outlines the maximum grant payment available.

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Factors to consider

  • You or your spouse/domestic partner must not have held a relevant interest in an Australian residential property prior to 1 July 2000
  • You or your spouse/domestic partner must not have occupied an Australian residential property in which you had a relevant interest on or after 1 July 2000 for six months or longer
  • You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident and the market value of the property must not exceed $575 000.
  • If you entered into an eligible transaction between 5 June 2008 and 14 October 2012, you may also be eligible for other grans and concessions. Please see the Other Grants and Concession page for more information.
  • The best way to see if you are eligible for a First Home Owners Grant would be to contact us directly or have a look at the First Home Owners Eligibility Checklist

New Home
  • a home that has not been previously occupied, including occupation by the builder, a tenant or other occupant.
  • a home that has not been previously sold as a residence. Where the home is being purchased, it must be the first sale of that home
  • a home that has been substantially renovated and a home built to replace demolished premises.
Off-the-plan Stamp Duty Concession (OTP)
  • If you are purchasing a new or substantially refurbished apartment you may be eligible for an OTP stamp duty concession of up to $21 330 (capped at stamp duty payable on a $500 000 apartment), if your contract to purchase was entered into between 31 May 2012 and 30 June 2017. This concession is in addition to the FHOG.
  • If eligible, no stamp duty will be payable where the apartment has a market value of $500 000 or less. Where an apartment purchased has a market value greater than $500 000, you will be entitled to a stamp duty concession of $21 330. A calculator is available to determine the stamp duty payable and concession that could be applicable.
We will make sure you are eligible

you cannot meet all of the eligibility requirements, you are not eligible to receive the grant. If you receive the grant and fail to meet the eligibility requirements (for example,not living in the home for a continuous period of at least 6 months), you need to payback the grant. Failure to do so can result in prosecution and penalties up to $11,000.




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